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Somehow over breakfast you had managed to rid yourself of the blush that seemed so persistent on exposing your embarrasment to the troll who you had somehow managed to get stuck with. Shoveling the last bit of waffle down your throat you looked up, Sollux had a dazzed look upon his face and was staring at you though not really looking at you as he had thousand upon thousands of thoughts running through his think-pan. You gave him a questioning look before waving your hand in front of his face, "Hey you still there, or did the waffles destroy your think-pan?"

Your words seemed to bring him out of his daze, "Uhh 2orry, got lo2t in thought." You shook your head and decided not to question it and instead changed the subject. "So why am I on Alternia?" He almost looked confused by your question but it was only for a second, "The Grand-Highblood i2 purging the human population and any troll2 who have become to clo2e to them a2 a mean2 of purifying the troll race." anger flared up within you as you thought back to what the blue-bloods had done to your best friend. She had attempted to stop them from coming in which only served to anger them. You had watched as a large gray fist made contact with the back of her head a sutle crack resounding through the room as her skull was crushed by the impact.

All you remember after that is everything going black then you find yourself standing outside her house with dark red blood coating your hands and you had known that it could only have been hers. Your jeans had been torn and were covered in dark blue blood though none was on your hands. As you now thought about this it scared you had you killed those blue-bloods and if so how come you couldn't remember. You slamned your hand down on the table scaring causing Sollux to jump.

"I need to know what happened, and I don't want you leaving anything out. How the hell did I get here and what the FUCK is the Grand-Highblood thinking!"
yayz I got the next part up with no probs enjoys and don't forget to comment it helps me be inspired :D

Intro: Link
Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link
Part 4: you are here
Part 5: Link
Part 6: Link

Disclaimer: I own only the story everything else including you belong to :iconhussieplz:
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