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Sorry I haven't uploaded anything in a while, I've been busy working on a pet design for Aywas (which I will be uploading here) and haven't had the time to post any fanfics or art on here. Don't worry once I'm able to I will.
A few hours later you were now sitting in Sollux's respiteblock watching the bee's buzz too and fro the Beehouse Mainframes. Every once in a while one would land on you and you would stare down at it in curiosity, wondering what the little insect would do but then it would flap it's little wings and take off again. Other than the buzz from the bee's you could also hear the sound of keys being pushed behind you as Sollux worked on whatever it was he was doing. You didn't dare bother him though as you knew from experience with (friends name) that messing with someone who was busy with anything would only cause them to get angry at you, and you really didn't want Sollux angry at you.

Sollux's POV

Sollux's fingers moved with ease over the keys as he typed, he was halfway finished on the program he was creating and just needed to add in the rest of the code and he'd be done. He lowered his fingers to begin on the rest when he heard a giggle from behind him. His focus now drawn from the screen he turned around to see you laying on your back, eyes shut giggling at the honey bee on your nose. A smile made its way onto his face as he watched you, how long had it been since he seen anyone smile like that, 'two long' he thought sadly.

"2o are you haviing fun?" he asked with a smile.

Your POV

Startled by the sudden question you sat up, then blushed (blood color) when you realized he was staring at you.

"Uh, I guess.." you answered not really knowing what to say to his question.

"Well from what II could 2ee iit looked liike you were." he replies with a smirk.

Your face flushes even darker as you look away, dammit why did you have to become flushed for him. You suddenly if possible blushed harder 'Wait since when did I have flushed feelings for him!?' you screeched internally at yourself. You glanced back over at him and immediately had to cover your face 'Gog damn he's hot... no no no stop that you fucking think pan!'

Sollux noticed the dark blush upon your face just before you covered it with you hands and his smirk grew 'Oh iit 2eem2 liike 2omeone ha2 a biit of 2ome flu2hed feeliing2 here!' he thought as he watched you try to get your blush under control.

After a bit you dropped your hands from your face and quickly turned to face the Beehouse Mainframes again. You could feel his eyes on your back and a shiver ran up your spine, why was just his stare making your body act like this. Your eyes suddenly widened as you heard him stand to his feet and slowly make his way towards you. You felt him come up behind you and kneel down close to you. Then suddenly you felt his hot breath on your ear and he whispered four words into your ear that set your body aflame.

"II'll make you miine!"
Sollux X Troll-Reader: Part 6
Harthwing: Sorry for the long delay on this part, I've been having a bit of writers block and couldn't come up with anything.

Sollux: II fiind thii2 piiece two be rather well wriitten iif II do 2ay 2o my2elf.

Harthwing: Thank you very much Sollux, I'm happy you think so.


*Grabs Karkat and yanks him away from the laptop*
Harthwing: There is some cussing so be warned if you do read this!

Intro: Link
Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link
Part 4: Link
Part 5: Link
Part 6: You are here!
Part 7: Coming soon!

Kankri: Harthwing d9es n9t 9wn y9u 9r any 9f the characters used in this st9ry, h9wever she d9es 9wn the st9ry itself.
My laptop stopped working so I have to get it looked at once it's fixed I'll get back to posting art and fanfics


Kurai Lynerinous Hathen
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Talk to me and you will know who I am hehe

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