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You squeezed your eyes closed and hugged yourself as the large club came down. When you felt nothing you hesitantly opened your eyes to see a troll with white hair wearing dark blue robes standing in front of you. He appeared to be struggling to hold up the large club that the high-blood was trying to kill you with.

"Wh4t the hell 4re you w4iting for, RUN IDIOT!" he yelled over his shoulder at you.

"But what about you?!" you questioned him franticly.

"Forget 4bout me just run!" he yelled, and with a sad yet fearful expression you ran towards the large double doors and pulled with all your might. You struggled with the door for a few seconds before it finally decided to budge and you yanked it open before dashing out it. You rushed down the hall following the exact route that the blue-bloods had taken you. When you finally reached the end of the hallway were it both led to the dungeon and to the exit you hesitated. 'I know I should leave...but what about the others who were dragged in with me?' gritting your teeth you turned towards the dungeon. 'Well here goes nothing.' you thought then hurried towards the dungeon.

Turning the corner you immediately slid to a stop, 'Great there are guards.' you mentally groaned. Thinking quickly you snapped your fingers triggering your specibi, a bright flash of (your favorite color) shown as each individual screen popped up, showing all the items you so far had. You sighed at your strife card noticing it had nothing in it as always, since you never had the chance to choose what you wanted to use as a weapon. Shuffling through your items quickly you spotted your game console. 'Better than nothing I suppose.' you thought selecting it and watching as it materialized in your hands.

Jumping out from behind the wall you launched the system at the guard stationed in front of the door. It hit him in the head with a 'thunk' and down he went. You moved quickly as his partner rushed towards you, using the two game controllers you lept off the ground at him, shoving one controller into his mouth and using the other one to beat him over the head. Like his buddy down he went, large welts all over his face and a controller jutting from his mouth.

You left them laying there and hurried to the door turning the knob and yanking on the door. The door refused to budge and you realized it was locked 'Of course, I'm such an idiot.' you thought now frustrated with yourself. Rushing back over to the two unconscious guards you searched them for the keys. Finding them after a bit of time you hurried back to the door unlocking it and lept inside.

"H-how did you..." a female troll tried to get out a look of pure horror on her face along with some confusion.

"No time to explain, I've got to get you all out of here." you said and quickly began unlocking the cuffs chaining them to the wall.

After you had freed them you led them to the exit and rushed them out the door. You were going to live, you were not going to die, and it was all thanks to that troll. A small smile crept onto your face as you took a step out the door. Behind you unnoticed by you or anyone else a large figure stood eyes a fiery red.
Homestuck X Troll-Reader: The Unexpected Story p:3
Dave: Do you always like putting your characters in dangerous situations or something?

Harthwing: It sorta gives the story suspense, makes the reader wanna know what's going to happen next, to see if they die or not.

John: I like these, especially the parts with action.


John: Karkat stop being mean, I think she's a wonderful writter.


Harthwing: Kankri please do the warning, this is getting ridiculous.

Kankri: Sure thing Ms. Harthwing, this st9ry c9ntains vi9lence and 9ther triggering things. Please d9 n9t read if y9u are easily triggered 6y things.

Intro: Link
Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: You are here!
Part 4: Coming soon

Eridan: harth does not owwn anythin but the story, so deal wwith it
A fury like no other raged within you as you slammed your hands into the ground and pulled yourself up. Your anger intensified further as you caught sight of your two assailant's. Something about them felt familiar, though your rage refused to let you acknowledge this fact. The first one who happened to be human had shoulder length blond hair, he was wearing a pair of black shades over dark blood red eyes, and was dressed in what appeared to be red pajamas with the symbol of a gear on the front. He glared at you from beneath his shades and gripped the hilt of his sword tighter. The second was a troll with equally red eyes and a look of both disappointment and anger on his face. He wore a black t-shirt with a symbol on the front that reminded you of something though you didn't know what. It wasn't until he stepped to the side that you saw that there was a third being with them.

She appeared to be a female troll though her appearance was unlike any troll you had ever seen. She had ice blue eyes and long white hair, her horns which were shaped like that of the branches of a tree were a pale white instead of the candy corn color they should be. Her attire consisted of a dark blue robe with a the symbol of a sword with wings on the front. Rage finally boiling over you roared as your large black wings extended outwards. Without a second of hesitation you whipped your arms outward bringing both scythes back into your grasp.

"You will all DIE!" power surged through you and into the floor, large cracks splintered outwards from you as you lunged foreword.

The guy with the sword move foreword as well his sword thrust foreword to stop both scythes.

"Dave be careful she's very powerful." you heard the white haired female say as you began forcing him back.

"Yeah, I know." he gritted out from between his teeth as he strained to keep you back.

The words 'Dave' echoed in your think-pan over and over, that name, you knew that name but from where. Your grip slackened as you tried to think giving Dave the upper hand. He hesitated none and instantly sent you reeling back with a powerful swing from his sword. That's when the other troll decided to make his move and came at you with two curved blades of his own. You lept back avoiding the attack and steadied your self as you tried to get ahold of yourself.


Instantly the rage burst back to life drowning out your thoughts and you lunged foreword again, though this time you were stopped by the female, she had two double edged swords grasped firmly in each of her hands and had both stopping your scythes. Your fury boiled at this and you put the rest of your strength into pushing down your two scythes.

"It's useless you can't beat me." she said as she began pushing you backwards.

"A pathetic troll like you is nothing compared to my power, so what makes you think that I can't kull you, because once I do I'm going to hang that pretty little head of yours over the door of this throne room." you spat back at her.

"You can't beat yourself (YN), especially the good side of yourself." she answered before a bright light enveloped both her weapons and sent you flying towards the other side of the room.
Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: extended 2
Harthwing: I don't think my readers like me John, they never comment. *is depressed*

John: I'm sure that's not the case and even if it is you still have me.

Harthwing: Yeah I know but still it would be nice to at least hear what my readers feel.


Kankri: I find that very triggering.


Kankri: Anyways this st9ry may 6e triggering t9 s9me pe9ple, Harthwing says that if y9u d9n't like it d9n't read it.

Intro: Homestuck X Troll-Reader: Intro
Part 1: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 1
Part 2: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 2
Part 3: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 3
Part 4: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 4
Part 5: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 5
Part 6: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 6
Part 7: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 7
Part 8: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 8
Part 9 end: Link
Part 10 Extended Ending: Link
Part 11 Extended Ending: You are here
Part 12 Extended Ending: Coming Soon

Dave: Harth only owns the story, everything else belongs to this dude :iconhussieplz:
Darkness curled around your lithe form as you sat upon the large throne bother scythes in hands. Fury burned within you devouring every other emotion you used to feel. Nothing you did would ever sate the rage inside you, and no matter how many you kulled the hate you felt for everything remained. The doors to the throne room creaked open causing the darkness to shrink back as a little light from the hall outside poured in. Two blue-bloods both medium in size for their blood color stepped into the room, dragging in a sobbing female human with them.

The two trolls threw her to the floor without a word, then turned and left closing the large doors behind them. Instantly the room was plunged into complete pitch black darkness, and the only sound within the room was the soft weeping of the woman. Slowly you sat forward eyes glowing a deep red in the dark.

"Your species fucking disgusts me." You spat all your hatred building up.

The woman gave a fearful cry and clawed her way back to the doors. She pulled herself to her feet and grasped both handles frantically yanking on them in an attempt to pry the doors open, while screaming for help. Finally getting fed up with her antics you stood from the throne and slowly began making your way towards her dragging both scythes behind you. The screeching from the curved blades against the stone floor drowned out the woman's pleas for help. It was just as you reached her that two things happened, first a blinding light appeared in front of you, then you were suddenly sent flying backwards. Both of your scythes flew from you hands as you hit the ground, and slid far from your reach.

Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: extended
Kankri: I find it very triggering that y9u kulled me in the last part 9f this st9ry.

Harthwing: I know I know that's why I'm here to make it up to the readers with this long extension to the story.


Harthwing: sorry no spoilers Karkat.

Kankri: this st9ry is extremely triggering s9 y9u have 6een warned.

Intro: Homestuck X Troll-Reader: Intro
Part 1: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 1
Part 2: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 2
Part 3: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 3
Part 4: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 4
Part 5: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 5
Part 6: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 6
Part 7: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 7
Part 8: Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: part 8
Part 9 The Ending: Link
Part 10 Extended Ending: you are here
Part 11 Extended Ending 2: Link

Gamzee: tHiS mOtHeR fUcKeR oWnS nOtHiNg BuT tHiS mIrAcUlOuS sToRy. :0) hOnK
For some unknown reason the 'enter text' button in submission's doesn't want to work. I've tried refreshing the page and clicking on it again and still it won't work. I've even gone as far as logging off waiting a bit then logging back on and still nothing. I don't get why it's not working because everything else is and it's become rather frustrating because I have finally come up with a wonderful idea for the extended ending of my Kankri X Troll-Reader fanfic. So is anyone else having this problem or is it just me.
Your eyes flashed angrily at the large troll before you. 'This is the High-blood, he's the one those blue freaks were talking about? Oh come on give me a gog damn break!' you thought. "Bard why did you have them kill my friend, what is the meaning of this!" you spat at him making the large troll rumble with laughter. "Us TrOlLs HaVe BeEn SpEnDiNg ToO mUcH tImE wItH tHoSe PuTrId BeInGs!" he laughed "As FoR wHy I'm GoInG tO kUlL yOu, It'S bEcAuSe I mOtHeR fUcKiNg FeEl LiKe It!" his laughter grew louder as he stood from his throne grabbing the large spiked club that lay beside him.

"I see, if that's the case our past together meant nothing to you then." your voice dropped low and your eyes narrowed. "I dOn'T kNoW wHaT yOu MeAn By OuR pAsT tOgEtHeR, i DoN't KnOw YoU!" he said dragging his club behind him as he made his way down the thrown room towards you. Tears ran down your face as you felt your chest clench "So it's true she did erase your memories." you said softly backing slowly away from him.
Homestuck X Troll-Reader: The Unexpected Story p:2
Harthwing: So it's short I know but I don't have a lot of time to use this computer so it has to be.


Harthwing: Hey who are you calling dumb, you're the one who got killed by Gamzee Mr. Jump without thinking!


Harthwing: Sure you did.

Kankri: I 6elieve it is time f9r me t9 d9 the warning n9w, this st9ry and it's inf9 is very triggering s9 d9 6e warned.

Intro: Homestuck X Troll-Reader: Intro
Part 1: Link
Part 2: you are here
Part 3: Link

Gamzee: ThIs MoThEr FuCkEr OwNs nOtHiNg BuT tHiS mIrAcLe Of A sToRy. HoNk
My laptop stopped working so I have to get it looked at once it's fixed I'll get back to posting art and fanfics


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