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Future In Our Hands by Harthwing
Future In Our Hands
Possibly going to use this to make a banner for the 'Anime Club' on 'Wajas'.

Made using Apophysis 7x.
Storm God - Coatl Male Dragon by Harthwing
Storm God - Coatl Male Dragon
Submission for FlightRising's Thundercrack Carnivale Skin Contest 2015.

Designs and coloration done in Gimp.
Line art: 

Life Orb by Harthwing
Life Orb
You know half of the time I'm just entering in numbers to see what results I'll get when making these. I don't spend too much time on the shape as I do the color but it still comes out gorgeous anyways no matter how long it takes. I love my art more than anything in the world (well except family and friends of course) and I don't know who or what I would be today without it. Whenever I'm upset it's there to calm me down and whenever I'm bored it's there to give me inspiration and things to do. What does art mean to you?

Done using Apophysis 7x.
You felt yourself yanked up and pulled into something firm and warm as whoever it was embraced you with everything they had. Whatever was left of your still beating heart clenched painfully as you heard the voice speak again.

"I c9uld never leave y9u my preci9us matesprite, y9u d9n't have t9 suffer al9ne anym9re I'm here!"

You felt something warm begin to run down your face 'Tears?'. You couldn't explain these emotions that were welling up inside you, and with your vision being a blurry mess you couldn't see who it was that had you in their grasp nor could you move it was as if your body wouldn't work.

"It doesn't look like she's remembering dude."

That stupid mother flippin voice, oh you knew who's voice that was alright! It was that human male with the shades and sword that attacked you just a bit ago!

"Haha! She looks pissed, I don't think she likes you Dave!"

You also recognized that as the white haired female troll that overpowered you.


"Karkat *sigh* that's why I brought him back to life!"

What the hell were they talking about, none of this made any sense to you which only further proved to piss you off more.

"I d9n't 6elieve y9u explained what I sh9uld d9 in 9rder t9 return her t9 n9rmal."

"You have to kiss her."

The room went dead silent at that point and all you could hear was that of the heart of the person holding you.
Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: extended 4
Harthwing: :iconblushplz:
Kankri: .......
Dave: I'm out. *leaves*
Harthwing: Read at your own risk yall!

Next: coming soon 

Nepeta: :33 *ac doesn't know this human but is pawsitive he owns everything but this purrrfect story* :iconhussieplz:
A sickening smack resounded through the throne room as your think pan made contact with the cold unforgiving floor. All you could feel was immense pain as you lay there vision becoming a mess of blurry shadows and colors. The word 'Dave' continued to pound inside your think pan like a broken record player, making you sick to your stomach. Now was not the time to be trying to remember who this Dave person was, you were on your back which left you open to an attack. Your enemy whoever the fuck she was had somehow overpowered you and that FUCKING PISSED YOU OFF!

You attempted to move from your sprawled out position on the floor only to find you are unable to. Footsteps draw near and you can make out a blurred figure as they crouch down in front of you.

"Why 'name', why did y9u 6ec9me like this!"

That voice sent an ice cold feeling through your entire being.
Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: extended 3
Harthwing: Aww I'm such an evil bitch leaving it off right there, but oh do I love it hahah!
Dave: O_O
Kankri: I f9und that t9 6e extremely triggering Harthwing.
Harthwing: Dammit sorry Kankri I didn't know you were there, I need to watch my language more often.
John: I'm just gonna say the warning now... there is cussing and violence read at your own risk.

Previous Part:Link
Next Part: Link

Harthwing: I'm disclaiming my own shit this time! I don't own anything but this story!
Kankri: *is about to start lecturing*
Harthwing: *absconds* 
Guardian Dragon Female: FireValey by Harthwing
Guardian Dragon Female: FireValey
Decided since :iconprobroart95: said something about it, I would be nice enough to make a female of the FireValey design. 

Line Art: Link
Design and color done in Gimp.

Guardian Dragon Male: FireValey by Harthwing
Guardian Dragon Male: FireValey
This is my second submission for the Flameforger's Festival in August. I hope this one along with the Spiral Dragon Male win, I put a lot of effort into these. :D

Line Art: 
Design and color done in Gimp.

Wildclaw Dragon Male: COMMISSION by Harthwing
Wildclaw Dragon Male: COMMISSION
Finished this commission for :iconthatonechic23: enjoy it! I pulled an all nighter making this though it was fun I must admit. 

Line Art: Link
Design and color done in Gimp.

Spiral Dragon Male: FireValey by Harthwing
Spiral Dragon Male: FireValey
Decided on a molten cracked look for this one, since I'm making one for the Flameforger's Festival which is the Fire elemental holiday in August. 

Line Art: Link
Design and color done in Gimp.

Spiral Dragon Male: Legends Begining by Harthwing
Spiral Dragon Male: Legends Begining
This along with the male Tundra dragon I uploaded earlier will be my two submissions for FlightRising's Arcane Holiday in September.

Line Art: Link
Design and color done in Gimp.

Tundra Dragon Male: Redone by Harthwing
Tundra Dragon Male: Redone
I decided that the colors were not to my liking as they were way too dark and blah. I changed the markings and color on the legs, tail, and face and lightened the entire outline of the body. The claws were changed to black as I decided purple would blend in too greatly with the colors of the fur and wouldn't be seen. The horns and ears were given color since I had left them white last time. I gave the belly and under tail a dark pattern to give it a more intricate look. I'm feeling good about this one I'm loving how it now looks and plan to submit it during September's Arcane Holiday on FlightRising. 

Tell me what you all think and if there is anything I should fix, you comments are much appreciated. This is what he looked like before: Link

Line Art: Link
Design and color done in Gimp.

Sorry I haven't uploaded anything in a while, I've been busy working on a pet design for Aywas (which I will be uploading here) and haven't had the time to post any fanfics or art on here. Don't worry once I'm able to I will.
A few hours later you were now sitting in Sollux's respiteblock watching the bee's buzz too and fro the Beehouse Mainframes. Every once in a while one would land on you and you would stare down at it in curiosity, wondering what the little insect would do but then it would flap it's little wings and take off again. Other than the buzz from the bee's you could also hear the sound of keys being pushed behind you as Sollux worked on whatever it was he was doing. You didn't dare bother him though as you knew from experience with (friends name) that messing with someone who was busy with anything would only cause them to get angry at you, and you really didn't want Sollux angry at you.

Sollux's POV

Sollux's fingers moved with ease over the keys as he typed, he was halfway finished on the program he was creating and just needed to add in the rest of the code and he'd be done. He lowered his fingers to begin on the rest when he heard a giggle from behind him. His focus now drawn from the screen he turned around to see you laying on your back, eyes shut giggling at the honey bee on your nose. A smile made its way onto his face as he watched you, how long had it been since he seen anyone smile like that, 'two long' he thought sadly.

"2o are you haviing fun?" he asked with a smile.

Your POV

Startled by the sudden question you sat up, then blushed (blood color) when you realized he was staring at you.

"Uh, I guess.." you answered not really knowing what to say to his question.

"Well from what II could 2ee iit looked liike you were." he replies with a smirk.

Your face flushes even darker as you look away, dammit why did you have to become flushed for him. You suddenly if possible blushed harder 'Wait since when did I have flushed feelings for him!?' you screeched internally at yourself. You glanced back over at him and immediately had to cover your face 'Gog damn he's hot... no no no stop that you fucking think pan!'

Sollux noticed the dark blush upon your face just before you covered it with you hands and his smirk grew 'Oh iit 2eem2 liike 2omeone ha2 a biit of 2ome flu2hed feeliing2 here!' he thought as he watched you try to get your blush under control.

After a bit you dropped your hands from your face and quickly turned to face the Beehouse Mainframes again. You could feel his eyes on your back and a shiver ran up your spine, why was just his stare making your body act like this. Your eyes suddenly widened as you heard him stand to his feet and slowly make his way towards you. You felt him come up behind you and kneel down close to you. Then suddenly you felt his hot breath on your ear and he whispered four words into your ear that set your body aflame.

"II'll make you miine!"
Sollux X Troll-Reader: Part 6
Harthwing: Sorry for the long delay on this part, I've been having a bit of writers block and couldn't come up with anything.

Sollux: II fiind thii2 piiece two be rather well wriitten iif II do 2ay 2o my2elf.

Harthwing: Thank you very much Sollux, I'm happy you think so.


*Grabs Karkat and yanks him away from the laptop*
Harthwing: There is some cussing so be warned if you do read this!

Intro: Link
Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link
Part 4: Link
Part 5: Link
Part 6: You are here!
Part 7: Coming soon!

Kankri: Harthwing d9es n9t 9wn y9u 9r any 9f the characters used in this st9ry, h9wever she d9es 9wn the st9ry itself.
My laptop stopped working so I have to get it looked at once it's fixed I'll get back to posting art and fanfics


Kurai Lynerinous Hathen
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Talk to me and you will know who I am hehe

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