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About Varied / Hobbyist Akari Eleswei Leonia22/Female/United States Groups :iconflames-from-hell: Flames-From-Hell
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Akari Eleswei Leonia
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My profile shows my love for art as well as how much I've grown as an artist. Both my friends and family have brought me to this point along with the choices I've made. I thank everyone including those who love my art from the bottom of my heart. You all are what made me who I am today weather it be bad or good.


Gamzee Soberafied - Over Time
This is a gif I made of the process it took to finish GaMzEe SoBeRaFiEd. I thought since I had the saved images of each time I would stop on the pic, I'd make a small gif of it. Well anyways enjoy! :D
The Proof Of Existence by Harthwing
The Proof Of Existence
Numbers typed on a white blank screen, burst forth melding and intertwining. Each set into it's own destiny an unknown path an unknown existence. Merging and exploding colors drawn into existence by an unseen equation of inspiration twine together forming patterns of dreams. 
R.E.X: WIP by Harthwing
R.E.X was created by the humans as a means of defeating PANZER a machine known to be immortal. This is not finished yet.
The male holding you let out a sigh before you felt him move a bit.

You suddenly felt his warm breath on your face, panic rushed through your veins clouding all your thoughts as now you were only going on raw instinct and that meant you wanted to get away. You would have to if it wasn't for your inability to move.

Lightning like sparks rushed through your body as his lips met yours, it made you feel like you were alive, like you were powerful. It felt like forever before he broke away from you leaving you in complete shock.

"Wow! Wasn't expecting you to actually kiss her haha!" the white haired female laughed.

You felt the male holding you tense up.

"What d9 y9u mean?" the male asked in a shocked voice.

"I really don't know how to bring her back hahaha, I just wanted to see if you would kiss her or not!" she laughed at him.

"Even though I find that rather funny, that's so not cool man." the human known as Dave spoke.

A loud pop sounded through the room along with the sound of feet hitting the floor.

"You still haven't changed her back yet!?" you heard a new voice question.

"No John we haven't." *sigh* "I'm still trying to figure out how to reverse her "Situation"." the female answered him.

Over your shock you were slowly getting annoyed by their constant blathering 'Seriously did they ever shut their face holes'. The blur also seemed to be slowly fading so you could now see what was around you and the first thing you focused your eyes towards was the male holding you.

A pain like no other erupted in your head as you saw yourself standing on a beach, then suddenly watching as trolls and humans were dragged away. Another sharp pain and you were seeing the inside of the throne room a red blooded male in your arms as a purple blood laughed from the throne he sat upon.


Kankri startled by you suddenly saying his name focused his eyes upon you instantly. Had you really just said his name, were you remembering. He prayed to whatever force above that he was right.

Your eyes were on him though unlike before they held warmth and loving within them. Their fiery red color was slowly fading back to their original [eye color]. A [blood color] tear escaped a rolled down your cheek.

Reaching up Kankri slowly brushed the tear away before holding you against him. Relief flooded through him, you were back and he wanted nothing more than to hold onto you and never let go.

You clenched his red colored sweater taking in his scent, oh gog how you missed that smell (AN: do not ask me to describe what he smells like cause I don't know ok I've never sniffed him before!). You felt the darkness and evil leaving your veins and it gave you a feeling of warmth.
Kankri Vantas X Troll-Reader: Extended 5
Harthwing: Stop staring at me like that! Besides what are you even doing here?!
Hibari: *glares*
Snape: 50 points from Gryffindor Ms. Harthwing.
Harthwing: O_O
Naruto: OOOh what's going on over here?
Harthwing: .........
Ichigo: I've got it, this story contains violence and language read at your own risk.

Next: Soon maybe
Fish Cake by Harthwing
Fish Cake
The fins are whip cream with dark chocolate sprinkles, the body is white cake with cream filling. The frosting is milk chocolate and the eyes are cherries. 
My laptop stopped working so I have to get it looked at once it's fixed I'll get back to posting art and fanfics

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