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About Varied / Hobbyist Akari Eleswei Leonia22/Female/United States Groups :iconflames-from-hell: Flames-From-Hell
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Akari Eleswei Leonia
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My profile shows my love for art as well as how much I've grown as an artist. Both my friends and family have brought me to this point along with the choices I've made. I thank everyone including those who love my art from the bottom of my heart. You all are what made me who I am today weather it be bad or good.


Fish Cake by Harthwing
Fish Cake
The fins are whip cream with dark chocolate sprinkles, the body is white cake with cream filling. The frosting is milk chocolate and the eyes are cherries. 
Shadow Plush by Harthwing
Shadow Plush
Just messing around on Gimp now since I literally have nothing better to do other than try to figure out how I'm supposed to finish my fan-fic's.
BloodiedSpectre by Harthwing
Made for the Halloween pet submission on Aywas. I'm actually enjoying making bloodied ghost like pets for the site as it's really fun to do. Also if these pets get chosen I'll get prizes for them. 
Septic Eye Defense System: Finished by Harthwing
Septic Eye Defense System: Finished
Septic Eye Defense System or S.E.D.S, is a machine built to protect Sam the eye. Once activated it will continuously guard Sam from any threat even at the risk of it's own demise.
Septic Eye Defense System: WIP by Harthwing
Septic Eye Defense System: WIP
This is nowhere near complete, I just felt like showing off what I am working on. It is S.E.D.S aka Septic Eye Defense System.
Ghost Orimi by Harthwing
Ghost Orimi
Just like my Phanto this one is semi-see through as well. This one I've decided to turn into a custom pet for myself as I like how it turned out.
You were now sitting in a room along with the rest of your friends, well you now assumed they were your friends since they had stuck together with you till now. You had your hands in your lap and a upset look on your face, mad at yourself for almost strangling the one troll that saved your life. Karkat sat across from you, face as red as can be trying to avoid looking at you as each time he did it only caused him to flush brighter.

Dave was enjoying this, a large smirk upon his face like he knew what was up with the two of you. He was seated to your left under a large window with the most hideous curtains to ever be glanced upon. John was by the door conversing with who you now knew as Terezi who wore a wide grin on her face as she spoke quietly with him about what, you had no idea but whatever it was it seemed important.

Sitting on a large rotted sofa sat Cronus and Eridan, both looked like they wanted nothing to do with the other and sat as far away from each other as the seat would allow them. The quiet atmosphere was suddenly shattered by the door literally flying off its hinges and into the wall opposite the doorway. "OH MY GOG EQU1US D1D YOU S3R1OUSLY H4V3 TO BR34K DOWN TH3 DOOR!" Terezi pretty much screeched at the large troll that was standing in the door frame looking utterly upset about what he just did.

Everyone in the room now had their attention focused on Equius as he strained out the words "I am terribly sorry." That's when you felt a pair of eyes on you and looked over to see Karkat staring at you, though as soon as you did so he flushed bright red and looked away quickly. This in turn caused you to blush as well and you quickly tried to hide it but knew you were not quick enough as Dave started laughing. 'Oh gog why me why me!?' you cried inside your head.
Karkat X Troll-Reader: part 9
Harthwing: Sorry for the extremely long wait, here is the next chapter for the Karkat story though.

Disclaimer: I only own the story everything else belongs to :iconhussieplz: including you.

Intro: Link
Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link
Part 4: Link
Part 5: Link
Part 6: Link
Part 7: Link
Part 8: Link
Part 9: You are here!
Part 10: Hopefully soon!
Kitsune no Sentoki by Harthwing
Kitsune no Sentoki
May or may not submit this for the coloration contest on Aywas. This one just sorta happened really, I didn't actually plan on making another coloration at all.... guess it's my tired mind trying stuff out.
Suijin by Harthwing
Will be submitting this for the coloration contest of october once it's open. I named this one after the Japanese God of Water as I felt it fit with the design I chose to make. Hopefully people vote for it otherwise this would have been made for nothing....
Wolf Recolored - Waja Version by Harthwing
Wolf Recolored - Waja Version
A long time ago I tried coloring my drawing of this wolf and failed horribly. Now after almost five years I've come back and tried it once more, this is the result.
My laptop stopped working so I have to get it looked at once it's fixed I'll get back to posting art and fanfics

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